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Opteka HD 0.20X Professional Super AF Fisheye Lens

Opteka is one of the leading manufacturers of converter lenses and filters for digital point and shoot cameras as well as high magnification telescopic lenses for digital SLR cameras. They have been in this business since 2002.

If you enjoy experimental photography, then this fisheye adaptor form Opteka could be for you, it’s compatible with many Canon cameras models on the market, check our comparison below for more details.

The HD2 0.20X Professional Super AF Fisheye Lens is one of their finest products. It costs around about £50 has received excellent reviews from owners.

Check out this video produced from Youtube, which details what you get in the box and a quick glimpse of the fish eye effect the lens can produce.

Opteka Specifications

The lens fully multi-coated element makes it more durable, and dependable. In addition, the high index optical glass provides high precision to high-level tolerance, likewise the low dispersion relatively reduce chromatic aberration.

Designed to maximize day and night shots, Opteka lens converts an 18-55mm into a 3.6-11mm Circular Lens. The .20x wide-angle fisheye converter lens helps increase versatility of your existing lens, so you will experience superb ultra wide angle views.

This lens is perfect for various models of Canon digital SLR camera. Great for indoor party shots and is also an indispensable tool for extreme sports and action shooters.

What do the images look like?

We’ve add a few images taken using a Canon 450D and Opteka fisheye lens, please note we have reduced their quality and size so they load quickly, but it should give you an idea of what kind of images they will produce. The image resolution depends on the digital camera (the original images where huge). Here are some images taken with this fish eye lens.


However, some owners of 400D Canon say the Opteka lens is not perfect for them. The circle is not centered and there is a cut on the lower side of the image. As its an adaptor and not a fish eye camera the photos taken appear in the middle of a black picture, this is a common in most fish eye lens adaptors and is funnel inside your lens, you could use software like Photoshop to crop the image if you wish but many don’t mind the image.

What’s included in the box?

  • .20x Fisheye Lens
  • Lens Adapter
  • 52mm Adapter
  • 55mm Adapter
  • 58mm Adapter
  • Lens Caps
  • Lens Pouch.


So on the whole this fish eye lens adaptor is a great accessory for your digital slr. It can be used on most lens and produce interesting result when added a zoom lens. They are great fun and very easy to attach. Opteka are so confident about their product the HD 0.20X Fisheye Lens as it comes with a five year warranty.

Fish-eye lens for iPhone 4, 3G & 3GS

In recent years there have been a flood of accessories produced specifically for the iPhone. One of the camera related products is the superb fisheye lens. This is a fun add-on for all iPhone enthusiasts out there! Clip one of these lens onto your iPhone and take real fisheye photos, forget about photo editing effects this uses an actual lens to distort the image giving a fish eye image.

Besel Fish-eye for iPhone 3G & 3GS

Currently this is compatible with 3g or 3gs models. The lens connects to the iPhone with a simple magnetic mount system. The lens is made from high quality optical glass and Aluminum. This result in a high refractive index, truer color reproduction and high resolution. The lens is very simple to use, all you need to do is connect it to the end of the phone, line it up with the lens on the phone. Navigate to the camera program on your phone and use it as you normally would. The screen of the phone will show you exactly how the resultant image will look. So all you need to do is point and shoot!

Vtec Fisheye Lens for iPhone 4

If you are a iPhone 4 user don’t worry there are lens now being produced for your model most notably this one from Vtec. This lens comes with a back plate that the Fisheye screws onto and then clips onto the iPhone. As you can see it pretty sturdy and can fit onto the protective cover of your phone.

Other Iphone camera accessories

In researching this product we found a number of other cool iPhone add-ons relating to photography. The telephoto zoom lens for iphone is one which catches the eye check it out here if you want an alternative gift to the iPhone fisheye.

This embedded video from a Youtuber by the name of Blunty, he gives you a very detailed review of a fisheye adaptor for the iphone 4.

Lomo Diana Fish Eye

The Lomo fisheye lens is an add on for the Diana+ Lomography camera. If you enjoy the vintage feel of Lomograpic photography then add a little extra with this 20mm fish eye adapter. Sometime this adapter comes included with the camera you buy so check carefully to see if its bundled together.

This fisheye allows you to capture a 180 degree circular image on a square print. Combine it with your wonderful Diana+ lomo camera with the beautifully saturated colors and vintage style for those real wow images! Fish eyes are wide angle lens and this one is super-wide and interchangeable. Each fisheye image shows massive depth of field, so your subject and background will be nice and crispy clear. Includes Fisheye Viewfinder and plastic mount to preview your shots. Whats in the box?

Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens
Ultra-Wide Japanese Lens
Hot shoe Fitting
Product specifics

Lens Weight: 150 g
Model number: z710
Compatible with all Lomography Diana+ & Diana F+ cameras.
Some background on the Lomography camera

The Lomography camera is one of the older brands of camera. The first Lomography camera was introduced in 1980. In recent years this style of photography has had a resurgence with die hard fans experimenting with the medium, with an avid community of Lomo users showing off their photos. Some popular models of the Lomography cameras are the Frogeye, Pop-9. Oktomat, Fisheye, Fisheye2, Colorsphash, Colorsphash Flash, F-stop Bang and Super Sampler.

Zeikos 0.40x Fisheye Lens Adapter

The fish-eye lens adapter is a popular and reliable digital camera accessory, Zeikos offer a 0.40x fisheye lens adapter at an affordable price in the region of £34(prices may vary from different retailers). Zeikos are an established manufacturer of quality electronic products.

The owners of the Zeikos lens adapter reviewed this product very positively on Amazon UK, earned a very favourable rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Zeikos Fisheye Lens

Even though they are cheap, for the price these lenses have it all, giving your photography that professional look. This Zeikos is a perfect fit for both film and digital SLR camera. They are also highly recommended for use in fast paced/extreme sports. You just need to ensure that the camera settings are switched to the sports mode to get produce a sharp picture.

Check out this video reviewer who has reviewed his Zeikos 0.4.

These lenses are multi-coated which help produce vibrant colours and less haze. They also help filter the different frequencies of light that passes through it. Note that the lenses come in two sections. These can be separated to provide macro facilities. In addition, you have to reverse the macro section of the adapters to get a good fit of the filter ring.

These adapters are easily attached to any digital SLR Lens with 46mm/49mm/52mm/58mm filter ring and get extreme wide angel, a 55-200mm lens becomes 22-80mm Lens. You can easily Screw these adapters to any SLR lens with 46mm or 49mm or 52mm or 58mm filter ring.

Some users complained that the 46mm and 49mm filter rings appear to contradict the written specifications since they are notincluded on the actual purchase.  In fact the box says only for 52mm and 58mm.

Optically, these adapters are not that good enough for some users. They noticed that the edges of the fisheye are blurred which is not good if you want to have a 360 view. Others have experienced a lot of blurred instances when they go for wider apertures.

Some noted that it can be tricky to thread the lens onto the filter ring of the filter ring, the overall performance of 0.40x Zeikos fisheye lens is quite positive and for the price it a perfect gift to buy someone who’s into photography and like to experiment.