Lomo Diana Fish Eye

The Lomo fisheye lens is an add on for the Diana+ Lomography camera. If you enjoy the vintage feel of Lomograpic photography then add a little extra with this 20mm fish eye adapter. Sometime this adapter comes included with the camera you buy so check carefully to see if its bundled together.

This fisheye allows you to capture a 180 degree circular image on a square print. Combine it with your wonderful Diana+ lomo camera with the beautifully saturated colors and vintage style for those real wow images! Fish eyes are wide angle lens and this one is super-wide and interchangeable. Each fisheye image shows massive depth of field, so your subject and background will be nice and crispy clear. Includes Fisheye Viewfinder and plastic mount to preview your shots. Whats in the box?

Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens
Ultra-Wide Japanese Lens
Hot shoe Fitting
Product specifics

Lens Weight: 150 g
Model number: z710
Compatible with all Lomography Diana+ & Diana F+ cameras.
Some background on the Lomography camera

The Lomography camera is one of the older brands of camera. The first Lomography camera was introduced in 1980. In recent years this style of photography has had a resurgence with die hard fans experimenting with the medium, with an avid community of Lomo users showing off their photos. Some popular models of the Lomography cameras are the Frogeye, Pop-9. Oktomat, Fisheye, Fisheye2, Colorsphash, Colorsphash Flash, F-stop Bang and Super Sampler.

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