Zeikos 0.40x Fisheye Lens Adapter

The fish-eye lens adapter is a popular and reliable digital camera accessory, Zeikos offer a 0.40x fisheye lens adapter at an affordable price in the region of £34(prices may vary from different retailers). Zeikos are an established manufacturer of quality electronic products.

The owners of the Zeikos lens adapter reviewed this product very positively on Amazon UK, earned a very favourable rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Zeikos Fisheye Lens

Even though they are cheap, for the price these lenses have it all, giving your photography that professional look. This Zeikos is a perfect fit for both film and digital SLR camera. They are also highly recommended for use in fast paced/extreme sports. You just need to ensure that the camera settings are switched to the sports mode to get produce a sharp picture.

Check out this video reviewer who has reviewed his Zeikos 0.4.

These lenses are multi-coated which help produce vibrant colours and less haze. They also help filter the different frequencies of light that passes through it. Note that the lenses come in two sections. These can be separated to provide macro facilities. In addition, you have to reverse the macro section of the adapters to get a good fit of the filter ring.

These adapters are easily attached to any digital SLR Lens with 46mm/49mm/52mm/58mm filter ring and get extreme wide angel, a 55-200mm lens becomes 22-80mm Lens. You can easily Screw these adapters to any SLR lens with 46mm or 49mm or 52mm or 58mm filter ring.

Some users complained that the 46mm and 49mm filter rings appear to contradict the written specifications since they are notincluded on the actual purchase.  In fact the box says only for 52mm and 58mm.

Optically, these adapters are not that good enough for some users. They noticed that the edges of the fisheye are blurred which is not good if you want to have a 360 view. Others have experienced a lot of blurred instances when they go for wider apertures.

Some noted that it can be tricky to thread the lens onto the filter ring of the filter ring, the overall performance of 0.40x Zeikos fisheye lens is quite positive and for the price it a perfect gift to buy someone who’s into photography and like to experiment.

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